Run Tour Redesign 2020

Visual style | Application design



RunTour is a well-known running event in the Czech Republic with more than 20 000 runners participating in eight cities. RunTour is the largest family running event.
In 2020 it is the 9th year of RunTour.


Create a visual style for RunTour, the largest running series in the Czech Republic with a focus on families. The style should attract as many novice runners as possible. And increase its memorability and uniqueness through a kind of "symbol". Communicate the "welcoming", positive, friendly, and open arms mood of the series.

The Idea and inspiration for the concept came from the scene “HAVE A NICE DAY” in the "Forrest Gump" movie when Forest helps develop the Smiley Face Logo. Eight smiles were created according to the locations. Each with a unique mood and color. The color shapes are different, splashes are overlapping to create a dynamic mood.

The original RunTour logo based on the DIN font was adjusted. The main font was set to DIN Next. All together creates a nice contrast between emotional illustrations and simplified the technical design of the letters.

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